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CNG Kits Fitting Process

The first query that is often raised in respect to CNG kits is the differentiation between open and closed-loop kits. The most basic difference between the two is that of absence or presence of an MPFI (Multi-Point Fuel Injector) fuel injection system in petrol-based cars.  In the open-loop CNG kit, no automatic calculation can be made for the amount of gas that the car will require. Therefore, regular adjustments will have to be made from time to time i.e. the CNG kit will have to be tuned at regular intervals. The closed-loop CNG kits are equipped with sensors that regulate the gas injection level on their own. Hence, cars incorporated with closed-loop have better fuel efficiency, acceleration, and are free from the requirement of any kind of tuning. The basic cost difference between the two is not more than 7000-10000 Indian Rupees.

Next comes the CNG kit working principle and the significance of lambda in it. So what exactly is a lambda? Well, lambda is a device that closely resembles the timing advancer that is fitted closely with an open-loop CNG kit. It is the presence of this device in the gas system that turns an open-loop system into a closed one. So, is it the only level of classification for the CNG kits? No, it is not, there is one more level of categorization that is used with respect to CNG kits.

In the other system of classification to there are two types of CNG kits. The first one is the venture kit that injects a fixed amount of gas into the vehicle’s engine with respect to the throttle input. Their work resembles much with the carburetors. Also, these are cheaper with a much simple design and concept. These kits can be used in all kinds of automobiles whether they use carburetor-based mills or the fuel-injection technique. The buyer’s can also couple these with Electronic Control Units (ECUs) if they want.

The other type of CNG kit is the sequential kit, the one that works with more precision and has better control over fuel intake in the car power mill. They are known for monitoring the fuel injection level in the vehicle through ECUs and a special set of injectors. As compared to the previous type, they are much more efficient but slightly expensive. Apart from these, the CNG kits are also classified as open and closed-loop systems which are explained in the previous questions.

And last but the most important thing to know – the time period for CNG kit installation. On a regular basis, it takes approximately 24 hours to install a CNG kit in a car. However, it can take a little longer depending on the service center or technician you visit and the kind of model you have.

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Deadly News Regarding CNG Kit Cylinders
In a General Discussion with Most Reputed CNG Fitment Center, S.K. Motors Located at Dabri, Delhi, It is found that Cylinder Manufactured by HSPCL (Sahuwala) are quality compromised. Running with CNG Vehicle with Sahuwala CNG Cylinder is deadly and can cause danger and mishappening with you & your loved ones. New Certified Cylinders of HSPCL (Sahuwala) are found to be leaking CNG Gas at CNG Pump. This is therefore I would like to request to uninstall your cylinder immediately from your CNG Car if fitted HSPCL Cylinder. And do not install CNG Kit with Sahuwala Cylinder anymore for safety reason


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