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CNG Kit Repair and AMC

There is no specific maintenance, except:-
  • Air Filter (Cleaning) is recommended every 5000 Kms and replacement ideal at 10,000 Kms.
  • Spark Plug Replacement also is ideal if replaced not later than 20,000 Kms. Also there are CNG Cartridges: Recommended Change is 20,000 Kms for Reducer Cartridge & 40,000 Kms for Low-Pressure Cartridge
  • Both Spark Plus & Air Filter Optimize Performance in CNG Kit. 
  • For More Details on Service & Maintenance, Contact S.K. Motors

CNG Kit Cylinder & Warranty
CNG Cylinder Size is generally 12Kg to 14Kg and can expect a running of up to a maximum of 80% to 85% of capacity. thus maximum running once can expect in CNG is around 200 Kms (with full cylinder) - before going for refilling Gas

Installation of CNG Kit during warranty leads to New Car Warranty getting Void

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Deadly News Regarding CNG Kit Cylinders
In a General Discussion with Most Reputed CNG Fitment Center, S.K. Motors Located at Dabri, Delhi, It is found that Cylinder Manufactured by HSPCL (Sahuwala) are quality compromised. Running with CNG Vehicle with Sahuwala CNG Cylinder is deadly and can cause danger and mishappening with you & your loved ones. New Certified Cylinders of HSPCL (Sahuwala) are found to be leaking CNG Gas at CNG Pump. This is therefore I would like to request to uninstall your cylinder immediately from your CNG Car if fitted HSPCL Cylinder. And do not install CNG Kit with Sahuwala Cylinder anymore for safety reason


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